There are various types of pensions as follows:

  • ·      Personal Pensions
  • ·      Company Pensions
  • ·      Personal Retirement Savings Accounts

We have the full range of suppliers in the Irish market.

This means that we can design a plan which totally fits your individual need.

We also advise on the options available to individuals when they retire.

It never seems to be the right moment to start a pension. But if your own future is relying on nothing more secure than a lucky win on the Lottery, then it may be time to get a plan together.

On average we’re living much longer than our parents’ generation. Good news – but it also means many more years in retirement to cover. The current State Pension is already less than the minimum wage, and it may be worth even less by the time you retire.

To give you a rough picture of what you might need we’ve designed an easy-to-use online Pension Calculator.