Pension Season – The importance of starting early

Pension Season – The importance of starting early

There are choices you make in life that will have a huge
impact on your future. Starting a pension for your
retirement (yes it’s a long way away) is one of those choices
because the earlier you start the brighter your future.

Peace of mind with a consistent track record.

It doesnt cost as much as you think

Tax relief is by far the greatest advantage of saving in a pension. If you’re
paying tax on your salary at the highest rate, then you’re entitled to get a
40% saving on any pension contributions you make.

You Pay
We Invest
The Government
So a €120 contribution a month from you, along with the €80 from the
taxman could grow to over €186,000* at age 65 for a 25 year old.

Starting early is the best thing you can do for your pension

Over a 40 year period, a 25 year old will generate a 60% greater return than
the person starting 10 years later.
Over the same period, that 25 year old generates a 180% greater return than
the person who waits until they are 45.

How much will it cost you?

A Pension can cost from as little as €75.00 per month

Remember its never too early to start.

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