Income Protection Cover

Protecting your most important Asset? Your Income!

Now more than Ever we need to safeguard our income. How would you survive if you couldnt work due to an accident or illness.

Could you pay the bills on €203.00 per week?

Premiums are cheaper than you think? You choose an amount you wish to protect, choose when you want your payments to start and choose when your plan will end?

Additional Extras 1. We offer Best Doctors which is a second medical opinion. 2. Family Care for counselling and support services 3. Excellent claims history. 4.0Rehanilitation programmes.

Income protection is available to self employed people, employers, and those in manual occupations. While protecting your income you also receive tax relief on premiums. Yes you get tax relief on premiums!

If you have any questions or wish to discuss a plan, contact us for a quote online @ and our advisor will review your protection needs free of charge.

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