Volatility continues as restrictions increase

A host of European countries introduced or increased measures aimed at stemming the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Whilst in the US a number of jurisdictions, most notably New York and California, began to restrict interactions and gatherings. The human element of this of course comes first

It’s business as usual at ROUSE INSURANCE BROKERS

The Covid-19 situation is constantly changing and evolving and all over Mayo. The people from Ballina and surrounding communities are rallying to play their part in this crisis. At ROUSE INSURANCE BROKERS we have put our continuity plan in place with the safety of our staff and

Covid 19 Update

Covid-19 poses significant challenge to global economy and financial markets There is an old maxim in the world of economics and financial markets that one should always expect the unexpected. Coming into 2020, there were grounds for a slightly higher level of optimism relating to the coming