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Established in 1977, Rouse Insurance Brokers Ltd are one of Mayo’s longest established and best known Insurance Brokers. As independent professional brokers for all leading insurance companies both life & general we offer one of the widest choices available when it comes to choosing insurance, protection, investments, pensions.

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  • Impartiality
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Pension Season – The importance of starting early

There are choices you make in life that will have a hugeimpact on your future. Starting a pension for yourretirement (yes it’s a long way away) is one of those choicesbecause the earlier you start the brighter your future. Peace of mind with a consistent track record.

Farm Insurance from Rouse Insurance

We know your farm is your business so its important that you protect your livelihood. Having your farm and assets protected by an award winning insurance company comes with peace of mind that should happen, we will be there when help is needed. Contact us for a

Do you need Life Insurance?

More and more when meeting clients they feel that they are adequately covered because they have life cover for their mortgage. This is not the case with so many clients. When paying our claims clients always wish they had more cover. If the main earner in the